Don’t skip your home inspection!

Do you like gambling? Skipping your home inspection is just like gambling…

Naturally as a home inspector I’m going to tell you that skipping your home inspection is a big mistake. But I can honestly state that that I’m not making this statement for selfish reasons to keep me in business. Fact is, I don’t need more business as I can hardly keep up now! I just hate seeing folks first excited about their new home only to see their fears realized after they move in and find costly issues that could have been discovered before committing to the home. In many cases, these issues may have turned them away from the home if they were aware of the cost to make the repairs. But instead, they are already invested in the home and now they have to come up with additional cash and investments just to make the home habitable and prevent further deterioration. (That’s the result of gambling and losing.)

I won’t name anyone here, but recently I inspected a home for a couple that had waved their inspection contingency because they thought that it would give them a better chance of getting an accepted offer and they honestly believed that the home was in great condition, which to a young buyer that didn’t climb on the roof and int the attic it probably did look like a really nice home. It worked! Their next step was to get the home inspection so they’d know all of the “little things” that needed repairs…

The little things turned out to be a “new roof.” Not so little! A new roof will cost them several thousand dollars. As a home inspector I get on the roof and visually inspect the condition of the shingles and look for signs of advanced age and potential leaks… which I found! In fact, I found evidence in the attic of an active leak too. It was just a matter of time before the ceiling showed water stains. Bottom line: The house needed a new roof that would likely cost upwards of $15,000 to replace. Had the homeowner known this, they may not have purchased the home. I don’t know this, but I’m sure it would affect my decision to buy the home!
Just as important is choosing a home inspector that will thoroughly inspect the home. You want your inspector to get on that roof if at all possible. You also want them to get into the attic and look for those leaks. They also need to thoroughly inspect the foundation/crawlspace and make sure there are no rotten floor joists or girder beams. Check google reviews and make sure you’re choosing a home inspector that will thoroughly inspect your home and find these issues for you. (Reviews tell the real story.)

Remember, skipping the home inspection is a lot like gambling. You are investing in something without having any information on the true value of the property. A home inspection removes this risk as it gives you the ability to back away in the event that the home has serious issues.

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